CTO Bands

We go to extremes so that when your event arrives, you've only got one job: to have the night of your life!

A CTO Band is a well-oiled machine whose only goal is to make your party perfect. To accomplish that goal, we hire and train the very best musicians on every detail - from choreography to cutting-edge song selections. Then we deliver the most high-energy performances you've ever seen, and that magic ingredient is what makes a CTO party so

When you book a CTO band, you aren't just hiring players. You're getting another ally, another helping hand. Your bandleader will work closely with you in the months leading up to your big day to make sure every detail is precise and perfect. They will also liaise with all of your other event professionals to ensure that everyone is working from the same playbook.


If you ask a professional what makes a great event, they'll tell you it really comes down to three things: your guests, your food, and your music. Going with CTO SoHo is a great way to make sure that the latter is primed for perfection.

CTO SoHo is a 10-piece variety band composed of seasoned professionals, including their Grammy-nominated bandleader Brett Baker. From classical music to the hits of today, CTO SoHo brings the same dedication that has allowed them to rise so high in the music industry.

Members of the band have toured with Pharrell Williams, John Mayer, Kanye West, and Eminem. The energy and verve that allowed them to shine so brightly will be just as present at your wedding or event.

CTO SoHo combines complete mastery of their craft with the elegance of a black tie affair and the energy of a crowded club. If you want a modern aesthetic and an exuberant crew of players, CTO SoHo is the band for you.

CTO Grand Central®

CTO Grand Central is an impossibly versatile band. They have a diverse and ambitious playlist, tackling anything and everything: classic rock, swing, soul, eighties pop and rock, all the way to the latest Top 40 hits. Their flexibility stems in part from the fact that the band sports six talented vocalists, all of them able to sing lead or harmony at any time. The band was founded by bandleader Martin Savery, a multi-instrumentalist with a Springsteen rasp, and fronted by a phenomenal male/female vocal duo.

"One of my friends commented that the first dance song they learned for us (Iron & Wine - Such Great Heights) was done so well he didn't realize it was being played live! CTO Grand Central really helped bring our special night to the next level. Everyone had a great time and we danced all night!"


"One of my friends commented that the first dance song they learned for us (Iron & Wine - Such Great Heights) was done so well he didn't realize it was being played live! CTO Grand Central really helped bring our special night to the next level. Everyone had a great time and we danced all night!"


"One of my friends commented that the first dance song they learned for us (Iron & Wine - Such Great Heights) was done so well he didn't realize it was being played live! CTO Grand Central really helped bring our special night to the next level. Everyone had a great time and we danced all night!"


CTO Carousel®

Carousel, comes to CTO having already experienced many years of performing experience together, including having performed engagements in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Maryland, Washington DC and North Carolina.

The earliest origins of the band extend more than twenty years, when Howard Goldstein (the bandleader) first starting performing with guitarist Kevin Moor.  Kevin had gotten a degree in classical guitar performance, having already earned his masters in AC/DC and Van Halen on a Dover, DE porch.

The new millennium meant a switch from playing Pearl Jam songs in taverns to dance songs at premier banquets including The Pyramid Club, Ballroom at the Ben, The (New York) Harvard Club, the Bronx Zoo, the Constitution Center, the Crystal Tea Room, The Michener Museum and The Washington DC Grand Hyatt.

The band is fronted by the exuberant youthful trio of Samantha, Jeff and Chris, each of whom bring varied performance experience, including a capella skills which provide the band with a candy-sweet harmonic dynamic.

Jonathan, the world’s tallest and greatest drummer, has been with the group for several years, while at the same time establishing himself as the “Go-to” drummer for Philadelphia indie and progressive bands.  Our bassist Devon, also a long-tenured member, sings the lowest possible audible notes, while at the same time laying down a flawless bass groove.

We have always prided ourselves with playing as long and hard as possible. We do not take full band breaks, and we don’t stop until the house stops us.  Our record longest performance was a 7 hour wedding reception in Hagerstown, MD in 2011.

You and your band were fantastic!!! I can not tell you the number of friends and family that told us how much they enjoyed your music. The dance floor was full from start to finish - a sure sign of success.


Carousel was one of the highlights of our wedding! Incredibly flexible and accommodating with the song selection, and interactive with the guests throughout the night. They nailed our special requests, including our memorable first dance. We got so many compliments on the band from our guests, and we couldn't be happier with how the night turned out. We highly recommend Carousel for any wedding!


Carousel truly made our wedding reception amazing! My father hasn't danced in 30 years and he danced the entire night! Our guests couldn't stop telling us how impressive the band was and how much fun hey had dancing! Not only was the music amazing but the bands interaction with the guests really made our night special. Your wedding day will always be something to remember but when family and friends tell you that they don't remember the last time they had that much fun dancing, we have Carousel to thank for that! Book Carousel immediately! You will be glad you did!


CTO Fifth Avenue®

CTO Fifth Avenue is big. In almost every sense of the word. Big noise. Big energy. Big playlist. And with anywhere from seven to ten people on stage, they're a big presence, too. Because of that, the band can also guarantee a big party, with a packed dance floor and guests who can't stop smiling.

Under the leadership of Ramona Hunter, CTO Fifth Avenue has earned a reputation as a band that brings it all, and then leaves it on the stage. They customize their lineup and playlist to your needs, and then they make sure your party is amazing from start to finish.

For your next event, let CTO Fifth Avenue take the wheel, while you sit back and enjoy the ride.

"WOW!! Just WOW!!!! I measure success by the dance floor being full. This was a true home run. Thank you so very very much.I have all the confidence in highly recommending CTO for all my events."


“Thank you so much!! CTO Fifth Avenue was definitely the right choice, and everyone absolutely loved you guys! In addition to playing great music, you were all a pleasure to work with. We will continue to sing your praises and recommend you to everyone we know!”


“I just wanted to take a minute before we fly out to say thank you to everyone for all of your hard work. It's one thing to be a planner, another to be a bride, and being a planner/bride is the hardest thing ever. Please know that you all gave Charlie and I the best day of our lives and trust me I'm a picky girl. Thanks again, and Happy New Year!”


CTO Groove Street Orchestra®

CTO Groove Street Orchestra are your party experts! From beginning to end, your evening is a guaranteed dance-a-thon.

Something that immediately sets the band apart from the pack is the inclusion of a cellist and violinist in the mix, which allows them to incorporate many different styles of music, from classical to country.

Add three strong female singers, a tight rhythm section, and a sharp-dressed frontman to the party, and you have a perfect recipe for an unforgettable evening. Your guests will be talking about this party for years to come.

Consider CTO Groove Street Orchestra for your event!

"I am SO happy I booked The Groove Street Orchestra!! From the minute I booked with them to the day of my wedding they were nothing but accommodating. I never had any issues getting in contact with them and they always responded super quick. They didn't leave out any details. Their sound, energy, and songs they played were AMAZING!. Everyone was on the dance floor all night, which is exactly what I wanted! What a perfect night! I can't wait to get my video back to relive it already!"


"Thank you so much for the awesome job you and your band did! The dinner music was great, the dance sets were amazing and my guest kept asking where I found you guys! You guys made the party! What a blast! Thanks for making my yearly fundraiser perfect for the past two years. My guests are already excited that we are bringing you back next year as well! Can't wait!"


CTO Park Central®

CTO Park Central's members are from everywhere. They come from all over the country, and from all walks of life, and they bring to every show the kind of intensity and charisma that only groups like this can summon.

The band has a very diverse repertoire, thanks to 6 thundering musicians and 3 stylistically unique vocalists. They bring an exhilarating combination of youthful spectacle and veteran expertise to every show.

For your next platinum event, choose this jewel of a band for your setting. CTO Park Central can bring the bling into any occasion.

“The whole town is talking about how incredible the band was and how they have not enjoyed a band or dancing as much at a party in years! CTO Park Central had our party jumpin' from the minute our guests walked into the room, until the time when they had to send them home.”


“Our first dance song was perfect and I can't believe there was not one break in the music! We had such an amazing time and we owe a lot of that to you for keeping everything going all night long. You guys were amazing! Thank you again, Julia”


"Thank you for the fantastic work for the night of our wedding. The band was such a hit and I loved being able to see all my friends and family up and dancing and having a ball. Thanks for making our wedding a night to remember."


“I just arrived home from the CAI Holiday Party and wanted you to know what a wonderful performance we received from CTO Park Central. Everyone at the party loved them and people actually danced. The band members did a super job, and I know that we will use them again in the future. Best Wishes for the holidays, Barbara Cantarella”


CTO Tribeca®

CTO Tribeca, led by sultry, bluesy diva Maylyn Murphy & accomplished musical director Luke O'Reilly, simply must be heard to be believed. Maylyn has been compared to Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, and Vanessa Williams – with good reason. She has shared stages with Patti Labelle, Lil Kim, P. Diddy, and Usher, and she is a truly innovative and passionate singer, as well as an accomplished pianist.

The band, CTO Tribeca, is a 10-piece party train that blends black tie elegance and night club dazzle. Between the relentless rhythm section, the exquisite musicianship, and the soaring three-part harmonies, you are sure to find something to be floored by when CTO Tribeca takes the stage.

"CTO Tribeca is Absolutely 110% fantastic!!"


"As an event planner myself, I have seen and heard SO many different types of wedding entertainment that I was the most indecisive bride ever. If you are considering a band, GO SEE CTO TRIBECA'S SHOWCASE-- it will be the best decision you make for a truly UNFORGETTABLE reception."


CTO Midtown Express®

CTO Midtown Express Express features vocalist, Naeemah Harper, who has been compared to Whitney Houston. She has a rare and unforgettable tone, an accomplished singer who has performed with the likes of Gamble and Huff, the Mighty O Jay’s, Melba Moore, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Dre and Vidal and many more; and Jea Street, a classically trained singer, songwriter, and pianist who takes his live performance to the highest level, and has to be heard to be believed. Lastly, Felicia Pendergrass, who comes from Philadelphia's music royalty, as the daughter in law of famed Teddy Pendergrass. Her soft and sultry voice is a crowd pleaser.

The band CTO Midtown Express, a ten piece band, who welcomes its’ guests by saying “All Aboard the Midtown Express Party Train,” is an energetic, yet classy group of musicians that bring elegance and professionalism to every performance. Guests will arrive and leave your event marveled by how exquisitely the voices and musicians blended to create a musical tapestry that is unparalleled.